2020 Spawn Season Closure SUrvey REsults are in!

The results of the 2020 Spawn Season Closure Survey have been tabulated and analyzed.  We were very pleased to receive 235 responses.  Thank you all who participated and advertised the survey!

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PCT Board: Gary Chang, MD

PCT welcomes back one of its founding members and former director – Dr. Gary Chang. Gary help form and lead Putah Creek Trout starting in 2007 along with other concerned fisherman.  Here is a bit more about Gary.

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4/1/23 ALERT: HWY 128 CLOSED

CalTrans reports the closure of SR 128 directly impacting access to the Interdam Reach for fishing and other activities. No through traffic is allowed from the Solano/Yolo county line to the West (around Monticello Dam) and at Pleasant Valley Rd to the East.

The closure is due to work to repair a washout undercutting the road near FA#3

This will obviously impact our ability to access the Putah Creek IDR until the road work has been completed. As of 4/5/23, no ETA for the completion of that work is known.

Photo From Lake Berryessa News

2022 Putah Creek IDR Cleanup Day Success!

It was a beautiful day to get out and do some GOOD!

Thank you to the almost 30 volunteers who came out to spruce up our home water. It was great to meet new faces and introduce them to the Interdam Reach. Some larger items such as tires, an 80 gallon steel drum, and a chair were removed from the riparian area. Steve Karr reported that the cleanup netted approximately 800 pounds of garbage and 100 pounds of recyclables.

As they say, many hands make the work easy and we wrapped up with three hours. Continue to do your part to keep the creek clean –

  1. Pack out your trash (including your line cuttings)
  2. Consider grabbing some trash on your hike back to your vehicle
  3. If it’s in the creek – move it onto the bank to make it easier to remove later
  4. let us know if there are larger items that need to be removed

PCT Now Hosting Forum

PCT is now hosting the Putah Creek Fly Fishing Forum

The passing of Keith Bigelow left the Putah Creek Fly Fishing Forum without an administrator. The forum began years ago after a discussion with Greg Bonovich:

“Keith was the reason I began this website. We met years ago and he was a client of mine, he asked if I had a website dedicated to the creek and at the time I did not. He offered his expertise and I accepted As I’m about as computer illiterate as a 3 year old. For the most part Keith set up and ran this site for little or no money. The vision quickly turned into a catalyst for information important to Putah Creek instead of an advertising tool for my guiding business . It has brought together a great group of people that care a lot about the health and well being of our creek. Keith was probably the kindest most humble person I’ve ever met. Every time we spoke I was reminded of the person that I should strive more to be.”

– Greg Bonovich posted on forum November 9, 2020

The forum had gone fallow for a bit but will now be hosted by PCT as a service to the community. We are hoping that it will regain some of its energy as we all come out of the Covid doldrums. Please offer suggestions about how PCT can best host this resource and engage our community with the common purpose to protect and enhance the resource. Go post some good tips or learn about how the fishing has trended over the years.

New Signs and Angler Survey Boxes

October 23, 2021: A small band of volunteers worked with CDFW area leaders to replace signage and Angler Survey Boxes

2021 is going out with a bang as Putah Creek Trout volunteers worked to place new and replace out of date regulation signage as well as mud snail warning signs throughout the Interdam Reach. A HUGE shout out to Dave Jepma and Mike Glazeski as they did much of the actual placement!

PCT volunteers met with Heritage and Wild Trout Program statewide manager Farhat Bajjalia and CDFW Region 3 Biologist Ryan Watanabe at FA5 and immediately got to work. The group placed new and replaced old angler survey boxes.

It was hard but rewarding work. Next time you’re out on the creek, check them out (and fill out those surveys)!


Mike is amongst a handful of dedicated volunteers that can be counted on to devote time and energy to the cause. Thank you Mike for all of your past and future efforts!

Let’s learn a bit more from Mike in his own words:

I am originally from Massachusetts where I started fly fishing in my early teens. I came to California when I was 19 in the U.S. Navy and have lived here ever since. My wife and I moved to Northern California when I was accepted at the University of California, Berkeley in 1975 and where I first learned of (and started fishing at) Putah Creek in 1976. The creek has been a refuge for me ever since and I have a deep rooted fondness for it.

I retired in 2016 from simultaneous careers as an optometrist in an ophthalmological practice in Alameda, an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, School of Optometry and as a Commander in the Medical Service Corps of the United States Navy.
Now that I have more free time, I enjoy participating in volunteer efforts with Putah Creek Trout. From Steve Karr’s side channel hydrological surveys, to the attempts to lay gravel to improve the breeding areas, to the annual stream side clean-up events, for me it is a way of giving back to a place that I have long enjoyed and an opportunity to meet others who also care for this very special resource.

Thanks again Mike… See you at the next volunteer opportunity!

2021 Cleanup Day Success!

Thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers, the 2021 Interdam Putah Creek Cleanup Day was a complete success!

Steve Karr reported:

“We had 24 volunteers clean 3.5 miles of the Creek on Saturday.  We collected 150 lbs of recyclables and filled the 10 yd dumpster with an impressive 1800 lbs of trash including a torn down shed and other construction materials that had been illegally dumped near Fishing Access 2 and Fishing Access 1. Special thanks go to our site team leaders Shawn, Son, Dylan, Dave, Mike, and Richard Loft. Special thanks to Charlie Schneider of the California Council of Trout Unlimited and Roger Wachtler of the John Muir East Bay Chapter of Trout Unlimited for their help in volunteer recruitment. Special thanks to Tom Robinson and Fly Fishers of Davis for providing tables and 5 gallon buckets.”

It was great to get back together after the long epidemic hiatus. More hands-on volunteer opportunities are coming soon. See you then!

2021 CleanUp Day

Join Putah Creek Trout September 18, 2021 between 9am – 12pm as we help keep our home water clean

  • PCT is recruiting volunteers to help with this event; we need from 25-30 participants
  • As Covid-19 continues to be a safety concern at any group event, we have requirements that must be met to participate in the event:
    • No symptoms of illness for at least 10 days prior to the event
    • All participants must have received at least one dose of either Moderna’s, Pfizer’s, or Johnson and Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine two weeks prior to the event
    • All participants will be required to wear a face covering during the event when within 6 feet of other people outside your personal bubble
    • A “face covering” means a covering made of cloth, fabric, or other soft or permeable material, without holes, that covers the nose and mouth.  A face covering may be factory made, handmade, or improvised from ordinary household materials.
    • Social distancing (6 feet) is to be practiced, whenever practical
  • Access to hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and a hand washing station will be provided
  • Additional information:
    • The event starts at 9 AM; it’s recommended that volunteers arrive at Fishing Access 5 by 8:30 AM to complete the waivers and meet and greet others to form teams
    • Vinyl or Nitrile gloves and collection bags will be provided; volunteers may want to bring garden or work type gloves for protection against potential sharp objects such as broken glass; a 5-gallon plastic pail is useful for holding collected items
    • PCT and Yolo County require the completion and signature of a Liability Release/Waiver Form, available at the event
    • Teams of 4-5 participants will be responsible for cleanup at one of the 5 Fishing Accesses or the highway 128 bridge. A team captain will record data from each site
    • All collected trash and recyclables will be brought back to Fishing Access 5 and deposited in the dumpster or tote
    • Liquid refreshments and light snacks will be provided for participants

To sign up for the event, register through the Eventbrite:

Plan to join us if you can – it would be a good opportunity to go fishing afterwards!

Steve Karr, Board Chair-Putah Creek Trout — 530-400-1171


URGENT! PCT would like your opinion regarding potential fishing regulation changes to protect spawning trout.

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4/24/20 : Putah Creek Fishing Accesses reopened

Yolo County has announced today that the Putah Creek Fishing Accesses are reopening today with continued recommendations for social distancing and other measures to continue protecting against the spread of COVID-19

Yolo County continues to recommend social distancing of at least 6 feet between individuals and face coverings when 6 feet cannot be reliably maintained (ie in a boat). Members of the same household are not required to comply with these recommendations. For further details, please see the Yolo County website

Updates to come regarding the Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve parking areas around the Highway 128 bridge

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