New Signs and Angler Survey Boxes

October 23, 2021: A small band of volunteers worked with CDFW area leaders to replace signage and Angler Survey Boxes

2021 is going out with a bang as Putah Creek Trout volunteers worked to place new and replace out of date regulation signage as well as mud snail warning signs throughout the Interdam Reach. A HUGE shout out to Dave Jepma and Mike Glazeski as they did much of the actual placement!

PCT volunteers met with Heritage and Wild Trout Program statewide manager Farhat Bajjalia and CDFW Region 3 Biologist Ryan Watanabe at FA5 and immediately got to work. The group placed new and replaced old angler survey boxes.

It was hard but rewarding work. Next time you’re out on the creek, check them out (and fill out those surveys)!

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