About Putah Creek Trout

Putah Creek Trout (PCT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that grew out of an online community of more than 900 Putah Creek fishers concerned with the many challenges facing the creek including litter, erosion, low stream flows, illegal fishing and invasive species. Fishermen (and women) make unique stewards of rivers and streams, because the enjoyment of their sport demands a healthy riparian ecosystem with excellent water quality necessary for wild trout and the aquatic invertebrates that they feed on. At the same time, fishers can also cause problems by worsening erosion, introducing invasive species, and hampering spawning. Because of its association with the online forum, PCT is able to draw from the collective observations and experiences of a large number of frequent Putah Creek users. Currently, PCT is working cooperatively with local and state agencies in addition to other stakeholders with the goal of improving Putah’s wild trout fishery.

Our Mission

The mission of Putah Creek Trout is to foster stewardship and improve the wild trout fishery in Putah Creek as well as enhancing the surrounding riparian environment.

Our Vision

Putah Creek will be a blue ribbon self-sustaining wild trout fishery providing improved ecological, recreational and economic benefit to the region.

Board Members

Steve Karr, Ph.D. – Chairman

Chris Yarnes, Ph.D. – Secretary

Dylan Warner – Treasurer

Garrick (Gary) Chang, MD

Chris Yama

Dan Brugger, MD

Shawn Yarnes

Cliff Scorso – emeritus

Ed Justus – emeritus

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