Mike is amongst a handful of dedicated volunteers that can be counted on to devote time and energy to the cause. Thank you Mike for all of your past and future efforts!

Let’s learn a bit more from Mike in his own words:

I am originally from Massachusetts where I started fly fishing in my early teens. I came to California when I was 19 in the U.S. Navy and have lived here ever since. My wife and I moved to Northern California when I was accepted at the University of California, Berkeley in 1975 and where I first learned of (and started fishing at) Putah Creek in 1976. The creek has been a refuge for me ever since and I have a deep rooted fondness for it.

I retired in 2016 from simultaneous careers as an optometrist in an ophthalmological practice in Alameda, an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California, School of Optometry and as a Commander in the Medical Service Corps of the United States Navy.
Now that I have more free time, I enjoy participating in volunteer efforts with Putah Creek Trout. From Steve Karr’s side channel hydrological surveys, to the attempts to lay gravel to improve the breeding areas, to the annual stream side clean-up events, for me it is a way of giving back to a place that I have long enjoyed and an opportunity to meet others who also care for this very special resource.

Thanks again Mike… See you at the next volunteer opportunity!


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