Fishing Putah Creek


Current Regulations on Putah Creek from Lake Solano diversion dam to Monticello Dam:

All year: Only artificial flies and lures with barbless hooks may be used.
Daily bag and possession limit: Zero (catch and release only).

If you see anyone poaching or polluting the creek, immediately call the Department of Fish and Game at 1-888-DFG-CalTIP (1-888-334-2258).

Regulations summaries are provided as a courtesy, for a complete statement of the regulation refer to California Sport Fishing Regulations Title 14 of CCR 7.50(b)(147).

Fishing Access


Putah Creek Fishing Map


Yolo county manages five fishing accesses to the Inter-dam Reach of the Putah Creek.  A good description of each access can be found on their website: PUTAH CREEK FISHING ACCESS

A Challenging Fishery

Putah Creek remains an incredibly productive wild trout fishery, but it does not often give up its secrets easily. Flows often start increasing in April depending on the weather up to summer flows of 700 cfs and start to decrease after September. Flows above 300 cfs make wading difficult. Many flyfishermen use small flies and fine tippets in 5-7x usually under an indicator with split shot. Dry fly fishing with baetis and small caddis patterns is sometimes productive. Productive flies usually include small mayfly and midge imitations in #16 or smaller. 3 to 6 weight rods are typical. All of the public accesses have productive water. Hiring a guide may be the best way to learn the creek (see posts under the category “Guide”). Artificial lures with barbless hooks are also allowed all year


“Fly fishing in Putah Creek is tough”

The Davis Enterprise By Tom MartensAugust 8, 2011

 “Fly fishing Putah Creek in Yolo County”

San Francisco Chronicle by Tom Stienstra – September 22, 2016

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