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PCT Board: Steve Karr, PhD – Chairman

Meet the Chairman of the Putah Creek Trout Board of Directors

Hitting the Reset Button

After a heavy water season and a literal flushing of the system EVERYTHING has changed.


This is the third submission introducing the experts who fish the inter-dam stretch of Putah Creek. These guides know the Putah like the back of their hands and their shared knowledge will be appreciated. Consider hiring a guide if you want to quickly get up…

Interdam Reach Work Group Meets

The first 2017 meeting of the Putah Creek Interim Reach (IDR) Work Group took place at the Canyon Creek Resort.

PCT Volunteer: Mark Silva

This is the first post intended to recognize people who have given their time and energy to improve the fishery.

Fun at the 2017 Sac ISE

Like a kid in a candy store, the 2017 Sacramento International Sportsman’s Expo had plenty to drool over.

Is Putah Creek the “Green River”?

Dylan Warner, PCT’s treasurer, did his research on answering the question about the origin of Credence Clearwater Revival’s (CCR) hit song Green River