Dylan Warner


City you live in now

Davis, CA

Year you joined PCT board

2016, member since 2012ish.

Occupation/ place of employment

Finance, UCDavis Athletics

Special training/experience

Grew up in Winters in the 80’s, that was an experience. I’ve actually skated the Glory Hole (statute of limitations for prosecution has surely run out). Now I just pull streamers near the spillway.

Position/ special interest/ emphasis on the board

Treasurer/Accountant/Fundraising/Good Will.

Challenges to the trout

Ignorant people, most people respect the wild trout designation if they are aware. I think a majority of folks “poaching” simply don’t know it’s catch and release barbless fishing.
Dylan Warner

Success story (how you were involved in doing something that benefitted the PC)

That sweet feeling of getting something accomplished whether its picking up a beer can or augmenting spawning grounds.

Tell a short story (first time you fished IDR PC, special day on the PC, volunteer event, funny anecdote)

I can’t remember the first time I fished Putah, it’s been awhile, but I do remember the first time I left my spinning rod at home and committed to the fly rod with confidence. It’s gone from a hobby to a lifestyle since then.

You can email Dylan at: dylan@putahcreektrout.org

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