Guide Corner: Jordan Romney

This is the first of a series of submissions introducing the experts who fish the Inter-dam stretch of Putah Creek.  These guides know the Putah like the back of their hands and their shared knowledge will be appreciated.  Consider hiring a guide if you want to quickly get up to speed on tackling this challenging fishery!

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Welcome to our new website! Now that Putah Creek has been designated a Wild Trout water by the Heritage and Wild Trout Program, the hard work begins to improve and sustain the wild trout fishery. Recent surveys and angler information indicate spawning success in 2015-16 was strongly impacted by sediment mobilized from the Wragg Fire by a rain event in early March. PCT and its partners (CFFU and TU) have two events planned for this fall to directly address the lack of quality spawning habitat in Putah Creek.

A gravel scarification and weed removal event is scheduled for on Saturday, October 29, 2016. Sunday, November 6, 2016 PCT and TU will host a gravel augmentation event (24 yards of gravel!) at Canyon Creek Resort.

Both of these projects are critical to the future of the fishery.  The loss of multiple generations could reduce fishing success for years to come. Like our Event page on Facebook to receive updates on the projects.


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