2017 Putah Creek IDR Clean-Up Day

Helping PCT clean-up the creek is a concrete way to support and beautify the creek for everyone’s enjoyment.

Join Putah Creek Trout members and supporters on Saturday  September 16, 2017.

[Copy below courtesy of Tom Robinson of Fly Fishers of Davis]:

Last year we had 21 volunteers collect over 400 lbs of trash including a dishwasher, 4 tires, and 1/4 the front end of a truck.

It is a great way to get involved with your community and an excellent way to show your kids how to get involved and make their local environment a better place.  Children are very welcome.  Children under 12 yrs must have adult accompany them.

Fly Fishers of Davis will be sponsoring the lunch after the event.
IMG_0127 (3)


8:30 AM            Meet at Putah Creek IDR Access 5.
https://goo.gl/maps/okbcSXU8yj22  (Google maps directions)

8:45 AM             Sign liability waiver, get directors and equipment, divide up into
groups of 4-5

9:00 AM             Disperse to assigned areas along the Inter-dam region
between Access 5 and Monticello Dam

12:00 PM           Meet at Putah Creek IDR Access 3 for lunch.
https://goo.gl/maps/dhbW2RvtMNv (Google maps directions)

**  Cellphone access can be sporadic out there so if you are not familiar with the area, it is best to print maps to take with you.


Garden gloves or similar and 5 Gallon plastic buckets to put trash in if you have them.  We will have some buckets and vinyl gloves to pass out to volunteers

Fishing Access 5 requires waders if you plan on cleaning along the back, otherwise waders are not necessary.

To sign up click on the link below


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