2021 CleanUp Day

Join Putah Creek Trout September 18, 2021 between 9am – 12pm as we help keep our home water clean

  • PCT is recruiting volunteers to help with this event; we need from 25-30 participants
  • As Covid-19 continues to be a safety concern at any group event, we have requirements that must be met to participate in the event:
    • No symptoms of illness for at least 10 days prior to the event
    • All participants must have received at least one dose of either Moderna’s, Pfizer’s, or Johnson and Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine two weeks prior to the event
    • All participants will be required to wear a face covering during the event when within 6 feet of other people outside your personal bubble
    • A “face covering” means a covering made of cloth, fabric, or other soft or permeable material, without holes, that covers the nose and mouth.  A face covering may be factory made, handmade, or improvised from ordinary household materials.
    • Social distancing (6 feet) is to be practiced, whenever practical
  • Access to hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and a hand washing station will be provided
  • Additional information:
    • The event starts at 9 AM; it’s recommended that volunteers arrive at Fishing Access 5 by 8:30 AM to complete the waivers and meet and greet others to form teams
    • Vinyl or Nitrile gloves and collection bags will be provided; volunteers may want to bring garden or work type gloves for protection against potential sharp objects such as broken glass; a 5-gallon plastic pail is useful for holding collected items
    • PCT and Yolo County require the completion and signature of a Liability Release/Waiver Form, available at the event
    • Teams of 4-5 participants will be responsible for cleanup at one of the 5 Fishing Accesses or the highway 128 bridge. A team captain will record data from each site
    • All collected trash and recyclables will be brought back to Fishing Access 5 and deposited in the dumpster or tote
    • Liquid refreshments and light snacks will be provided for participants

To sign up for the event, register through the Eventbrite:

Plan to join us if you can – it would be a good opportunity to go fishing afterwards!

Steve Karr, Board Chair-Putah Creek Trout — 530-400-1171

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