Fun at the 2017 Sac ISE

Like a kid in a candy store, the 2017 Sacramento International Sportsman’s Expo had plenty to drool over.

I had the opportunity to take in the 2017 ISE with my son this year, a real treat for me.  We walked through the isles playing with the idea of taking a trip to Alaska in our near future. There were so many options to investigate. Soon… before it’s too late and I lose him to other fascinations.

We caught a little bit of Lance Gray’s talk on Steelheading on the Feather.  We had to cut out early however to catch the talk on Fishing the Delta… Something my son and I hope to do more of in the near future.

The talk / stand up bit by  Randy Pringle “The Fishing Instructor” ended up being a highlight.  He had some great tips and tricks for using conventional tackle for fishing the delta. He was informative and very funny.  We stopped by the Fisherman’s Warehouse booth and picked up some gear that he demonstrated to use on the Delta.

Brian O’Keefe, co creator of , Catch Magazine, had a great presentation covering some of the best trout fishing in the West.  If only I had the opportunity to follow in his footsteps!  He shared a 10 day self-guided itinerary that sounded like a trip of a lifetime.  The photography in his presentation was spectacular!  I really appreciated his tips on fishing rivers like the highly popular Madison and finding relatively unmolested water.  He begins fishing upstream from a boat launch in the morning and then uses his boat to drift the stretch above to fish into the dusk just as the caddis flies erupt.

We met up with Jordon Romney to discuss the “State of the Putah” while checking out the Fly Fishing Specialties booth.  I walked away with a few things from their half off buckets… Next time maybe I’ll open up my wallet wider.  Matt Heron demonstrating how to fix some common casting mistakes and talked up the Truckee.  There will be A LOT more water in that river this year!

Of course we ogled the various boats and campers… None of which I am likely to acquire anytime soon but it’s always fun to look.  I WILL eventually get a pontoon from Dave Scadden / North Fork Outfitters.  The new Renegade R looks so versatile – you can stand up on the rigid floor, add a fin to help it track on still water and it even comes with a motor mount! We’ll see.  I’ll run my Creek Company pontoon a bit longer for now…

I alway love to find something cool to take home and play with that serves a need but doesn’t break the bank… This year it was the “Bait Buoy” by Hookumgood products (made in the USA).  I think this will work much better than the Tackle Buddy that I currently use to hold my nymphing rigs.  The big advantage is that it holds the tag end securely without having to put a loop knot and you don’t need to bury the hook in hard plastic.

Bait Buoy

And at $7 each, I had to get two!

Looking forward to next year.  Maybe I’ll bring home something bigger and more impressive.



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