This is the second submission introducing the experts who fish the inter-dam stretch of Putah Creek. These guides know the Putah like the back of their hands and their shared knowledge will be appreciated. Consider hiring a guide if you want to quickly get up to speed on tackling this challenging fishery!

How long have you guided on Putah Creek?

I’ve been guiding on Putah Creek since August of 2013.

Why do you think that Putah Creek is a special fishery?

It’s basically a wild trout fishery– because they stopped stocking it many years ago, so the trout are strong and healthy fighters and just beautiful fish! Also, Putah’s close proximity to the Bay Area and Napa Valley allows locals and tourists to access fly-fishing more easily; finally, it’s a very technical and challenging river that helped me become a better fly-fisherman over the last decade and will help any fly-fisher get better at their angling skills.

What are the challenges that you see to the health of the fishery?

Siltation of the river due to the recent fires and erosion, which seriously impairs the ability of fish to spawn and the the eggs to survive; anglers targeting spawning fish and actively fishing Redds; invasive species such as New Zealand Mud Snails, which hurt the river’s overall ecosystem and health; and also Illegal harvesting is a problem– people not checking the regulations and using inappropriate gear and/or keeping fish; finally,  the results of climate change and the drought as well.

How can people best help the fishery stay healthy?

People can follow the regulations and catch-and-release fish; they can get involved with Putah Creek Trout and volunteer during the clean-ups and river restoration days to keep the river healthy; and clean up after themselves and others–every day that I am there I pick up trash that I find and pack it out.

Describe your favorite day on Putah Creek

Wow– it’s so hard to choose one–I have fished Putah 2-4 times per week for the past nine years— there have been so many……I have caught so many beautiful trout there and had amazing experiences seeing wildlife–deer, canadian geese, river otters have come right up to me as I’m fishing–I just love being up there and having the healing effect of water and the art of fly-fishing soothe my soul– and I love giving that to others and that is why I guide. One day I can think of is when I went up there and all the other fly-fishers were posted up at the bridge so I went down to my favorite spot where, after just a few casts, I hooked a 19-inch fish, released it, and then a few casts later a hooked a 22-inch fish and released it– that was a good day.


If you were to fish ONE fly on Putah Creek, what would it be?  Is there a difference selection according to season/ water flow?

I do use different flies in different seasons and flows, but  I tie a soft-hackle emerger pattern which works extremely well in most cases.

Whats your favorite flow (CFS) to fish?

For me, the optimum flows are 400cfs because very few people fish at the high flows and it has forced me to find other spots that are out of the way and challenge myself to catch fish at those flows.

What would you say your “specialty” is for fishing the PC (technique) – how may you be different than other guides?

I love taking clients out who have never fly-fished before– and I would say my extreme enthusiasm and passion for the art of Fly-Fishing– I have heard over and over again from my clients that they love my energy and are “infected” by it when they go out with me; and my determination to give people the best day on the river they have ever had. Also, I don’t work out of a fly-shop, we are a Mom-and-Pop small business who started from the ground up. Finally, Putah Creek is my home water and the main one that I guide throughout the year, except during the main spawning months.

Contact information:

Richard Loft, 707-294-4738 (please call or email– no texts please)



  1. Hey everyone, my 2019 season fly fishing season is almost ready to start flows are on the drop and I am checking them daily. Todays flows 1410 cfs (March 21st, 2019) Call to hold a day!


  2. Putah Creek End of Winter Report
    Hey Everyone Just checking in with current Putah Creek ; Flows and other fishy news
    Putah Creek
    2/08/2020 Tail water flows are still bouncing between 44cfs and low 80s so I am just watching and waiting for weather to warm up when the flows will follow as things warm-up , Water temp around 56 deg , I was at Putah last week and saw really nice hatches of midges and the occassional BWO so I will be keeping a close eye on things and give more reports as things evolve;
    Also I noticed that the fish have left the spawning beds so I think the spawn has mostly finnished but be carefull when wadding so we dont step on those eggs or fry and think about joining and get to know a few of the guys we do a picnic once a year plus there is always oppertunitys to help with conservation efforts on the creek
    Regulations Current Regulations on Putah Creek from Lake Solano diversion dam to Monticello Dam: All year: Only artificial flies and lures with barbless hooks may be used. Daily bag and possession …


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