Guide Corner: Jordan Romney

This is the first of a series of submissions introducing the experts who fish the Inter-dam stretch of Putah Creek.  These guides know the Putah like the back of their hands and their shared knowledge will be appreciated.  Consider hiring a guide if you want to quickly get up to speed on tackling this challenging fishery!

How long have you guided on Putah Creek?


Since 2009

Why do you think that Putah Creek is a special fishery?

Putah Creek is a special place for me because I have been fishing it since a boy. Growing up in Winters, I was fortunate to have a father and brothers that lived to be outdoors. Putah Creek has been my backyard playground my whole life.

What are the challenges that you see to the health of the fishery?

The two main issues that concern me about the Creek are the anglers actively fishing for spawning fish. It’s not hard to comprehend that if we want better fishing we need a successful spawn cycle. The second concern is the siltation we are facing from farming and fires.

How can people best help the fishery stay healthy?

Leave the spawning fish alone and “keep em wet”.

Describe your favorite day on Putah Creek

My favorite day on the Creek was one with my fiancé. We floated in my raft and she landed her first fish on a fly. 

If you were to fish ONE fly on Putah Creek, what would it be?  Is there a difference selection according to season/ water flow?

Mayflys and midges and mayflies and midges. My bugs don’t change that much. If I had to choose only ONE fly, it would be a pheasant tail no bead and no flash.

Whats your favorite flow (CFS) to fish?


What would you say your “specialty” is for fishing the PC (technique) – how may you be different then other guides?

My strong suit is teaching. I have analyzed all parts of casting, mending, drifts, hook sets, and landing fish. I can watch any angler fish and immediately diagnose where the problems are and how to fix them.

Contact Info:, 530.304.8421.

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