2020 Spawn Season Closure SUrvey REsults are in!

The results of the 2020 Spawn Season Closure Survey have been tabulated and analyzed.  We were very pleased to receive 235 responses.  Thank you all who participated and advertised the survey!

First, some general demographics of the respondents…

Over 85% of respondents support some kind of spawning season closure:

Out of all individual regulation change survey selections, Regular Trout season closure was supported by most respondents at 39.3%:

However, IF Short Closure and Immediate Regular Trout / Subsequent Petition for Short Closure were combined they would garner more than 45% of the responses.

The survey has provided Putah Creek Trout and its community invaluable feedback to better gauge the community’s interest in pursuing a regulation change.  It shows there is support for a regulation change to protect spawning trout through a seasonal closure and, if implemented along with increased habitat, would hopefully improve the subsequent spawning success. 

This survey was prompted by results from multiple Young of Year sampling surveys in the fall of years 2016 – 2019 which suggested a repeated low recruitment of young-of-the-year. However, the current data is limited to a small portion of the reach and requires confirmation by additional surveys. The current online angler survey is just one of several such surveys that have been discussed with CDFW.  In addition, the board members of PCT recognize the likely negative financial and use impact that a Regular Season Trout seasonal closure would have on members of our community.  As avid fisherman, we of PCT also would share the pain of the loss of much of the prime fishing season of Putah Creek with a Regular Season Trout Closure.

For these reasons, the board members of Putah Creek Trout have decided NOT to move forward with any regulation change submission for the 2020 cycle.

As we move forward, we will continue to work with our fishing community to gather data to assess the health of the fishery, both through the online angler survey and others proposed by CDFW. More importantly, we will continue to pursue spawning habitat expansion and enhancements as well.

What can YOU do to help?

  1. Submit your online catch surveys, including “0” fish days, after EVERY OUTING
  2. Continue to observe and promote the voluntary spawning season closure December 1– March 1
  3. Practice good fish fighting and handling to decrease morbidity
  4. Look for upcoming posted PCT volunteer opportunities with CDFW surveys coming later this Summer into the Fall to work with PCT on spawning bed enhancements/ protection

One Comment on “2020 Spawn Season Closure SUrvey REsults are in!

  1. Wow!!! Very well done. Graphics and commentary are very concise and to the point.


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