4/24/20 : Putah Creek Fishing Accesses reopened

Yolo County has announced today that the Putah Creek Fishing Accesses are reopening today with continued recommendations for social distancing and other measures to continue protecting against the spread of COVID-19

Yolo County continues to recommend social distancing of at least 6 feet between individuals and face coverings when 6 feet cannot be reliably maintained (ie in a boat). Members of the same household are not required to comply with these recommendations. For further details, please see the Yolo County website

Updates to come regarding the Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve parking areas around the Highway 128 bridge

4 Comments on “4/24/20 : Putah Creek Fishing Accesses reopened

  1. Hi there. Can you tell me if the Putah Creek trout fishing is stillcatch and release?


  2. FYI the parking lots above the 128 bridge servicing the Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve remain closed as of my last visit 5/16/20.


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