To increase angler survey participation and data collection for the wild trout fishery, PCT, with support from Solano Water Agency is conducting an on-line angler survey to support the CDFW’s Bay Delta Region and Heritage and Wild Trout Program management of the fishery. This is a long-term angler survey to estimate the distribution size classes of the Native Wild Trout occurring in the Inter-dam Reach. This will help guide future work to improve the fishery. Each survey completed will count as an entry into drawings for prizes.

This survey has three primary elements:

  • Survey boxes with paper forms that are completed by anglers on site at Fishing Access 5 and the highway 128 parking lots near the dam
  • Online survey at
  • On-stream personal interviews by volunteers (timing TBD)

The goals of the surveys are to:

  • Document the numbers of fish within different size classes (small, medium, large) caught by anglers
  • Measure angler satisfaction of their experience with fishing the creek
  • Incentivize stakeholders to participate in this survey on a regular basis.

To facilitate ease of completion of the angler survey forms, business cards containing the QR code have been placed in the metal survey boxes. The QR code on these cards and also shown below can be used by mobile phones to access the online website easily.

Why is this survey important? Currently, it is the best way to measure the health of the fishery. There is concern that few replacement young fish have survived the scouring flows of two of the past three years which have occurred at the end of the spawning season when eggs are developing in redds. A 2019-2020 survey for found few redds and even fewer fish on them. In addition, two years of Fall season electro-fishing surveys of young fish habitat turned up very small numbers of young of the year.

Anglers completing either box paper forms or the online survey have the option of including your email which will be used to select winners of various items of fly-fishing gear and $50 gift cards over the term of the study. Each completed survey = 1 entry for the drawings. The first drawing will be in mid-April 2020 for spots on the roster of a two-day fish out on private property along the Yuba River above the highway 120 Bridge.

We need your invaluable help to support the fishery. Grab a QR code business card from the survey boxes or complete one of the paper forms in the boxes. Add the website to your phone’s Home screen to make it even easier to access the site (Click to learn how). The onstream personal interviews will begin once the threat of the Coronavirus COVID-19 has diminished [Ed note: as of March 17, 2020].

Thank you,

The Board of Directors of Putah Creek Trout

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