From November 6 – 12, 2017 we have a chance to directly fund projects to improve the Putah Creek fishery

Trout Unlimited and Orvis are challenging the fly-fishing community to contribute to local conservation and enhancement through the Embrace-A-Stream program.  The John Muir Chapter of TU has already been awarded $8000 toward projects on Putah Creek.  This grant can be increased dramatically if the project garners local contributions as well.  Small contributions to this challenge will go a long way through competitive matching grants:

– Most Unique Donors – $5,000 prize

– Most Money Raised – $2,500 prize

– Most gifts of $25 or Higher – $1,500 prize

– Most gifts of $10 to $24.99 – $1,000 prize

Let’s support our local trophy wild trout water and help make it a destination fishery!

Contribute here:  https://embraceastream.org/projects/john-muir


  1. Thank you everyone in the PCT community for your generous contributions as well as Trout Unlimited and Orvis for their matching grants!

    The John Muir Chapter’s / Putah Creek project was the top of the leaderboard for total contributions + matching grants for large chapters!

    The challenge raised a total of $4,445 which will be added to the $8000 Embrace A Stream grant. Fantastic!


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