Hitting the Reset Button

After a heavy water season and a literal flushing of the system EVERYTHING has changed.

The flow rate is approaching normal seasonal levels:

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 12.08.36 PM.jpg

It was a blue bird day without much cast defeating wind. Perfect setting for a day on the Putah.  I fished a bit with a couple friends and found Access #5 to be dramatically changed with higher flows along the north side of the island and deeper channels dredged all over revealing wonderfully clean cobble.  It had a Lower Yuba look.  Years of accumulated silt – GONE!  Good riddance!

The few feisty fish that came to hand were chubby, healthy yearlings just losing their parr marks.  It was apparent that they have faired well after the long period of high water.  They definitely didn’t appear to be having difficulty finding food and shelter.  Here’s hoping that the bug life also thrives with the change in substrate.  Give us something more than that #24 midge please?!

Photo courtesy of Steve Karr

On the downside, thistles have grown to astounding levels creating virtual hedge rows.  They have replaced blackberry patches that were burnt to the ground along access 4 and 5.

A hedge of thistle at Access #4

Putah Creek Trout has an ambitious slate of future work – one of the first steps will be to determine just how the Putah has changed. We all look forward to the challenge of relearning this special water after such a dramatic makeover.

3 Comments on “Hitting the Reset Button

  1. Thanks Dr Dan. New member and excited about Putah and it’s little ecosystem . Been at least a decade since I fished Putah. Hope to make it a father/son flyfishing trip option. Lemme know about any work I can do.


  2. Thanks for your interest Barry! Keep coming back to check on the website and the Facebook page for upcoming projects. You can always Donate to the cause as well. More to come!


  3. My name is Vernon Terry and I live in Martinez. I am a member of The Diablo Valley Fly Fishermen of Walnut Creek. We are new to the area having moved from Orange County about a year and a half ago.
    My wife and I participated in the 2019 Putah Creek clean up and had a great time working with every one to clean up Putah.
    I would like to be more active with your organization and would like to be made aware of events that I could be of use.
    Putah is a beautiful stretch of water and I want to help keep her that way.
    Vern Terry


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