Interdam Reach Work Group Meets

The first 2017 meeting of the Putah Creek Interim Reach (IDR) Work Group took place at the Canyon Creek Resort.

The group is composed of a variety of representatives all with the shared interest of improving and Interdam Reach for the public to enjoy.  Participants included representatives from Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee, Putah Creek Trout, CDFW Region 3, Putah Creek Council, Solano County Parks, Diablo Valley Fly Fishermen,  StreamWise, and the recently formed John Muir Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  Recent successes (side channel improvements, gravel augmentation) and setbacks (high flows presumedly washing away the gravel augmentation) were reviewed.  There was a lot of expertise, enthusiasm, and wisdom at the table.

Most of the discussion revolved around coordinating efforts to tackle projects that fulfill shared goals that will ultimately enhance the IDR fishery and recreational use.

The general categories of future projects that were discussed included:

  • Sediment reduction
  • Removal of invasive plants (e.g. Himalayan Blackberry) which limits access to the creek
  • Planting native vegetation in areas affected by recent fires to decrease erosion, provide shade and habitat as well as decrease invasive blackberry regrowth
  • Mapping the creek to survey future locations for spawning habitat
  • Enhancing trails along public areas to improve recreational opportunities
  • Improving signage

Some specific projects were outlined and will be tackled this year.  More to come on those… There will be enough work for everyone!

By the way, I love to play bocce, but I think I’ll need to let the court to dry out a bit…




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