The Imperfect Storm

After years of drought, two major fire events, and now too much water all in a short time period, the Putah is now severely impacted with siltation.

I went to the Creek a few days ago mostly to check out its current conditions but also to wet a line after a few months break to let the spawning fish do their thing.  The flows were in their winter nadir at 59 cfs.

What I saw was disheartening.  The PC has changed and certainly not for the better.

I’m calling the recent rainfall in December and January the “Imperfect Storm” because it dumped so much water so quickly that it triggered a virtual mud slide into the creek from the tributaries.  However, it wasn’t enough to raise Berryessa above the level of the Glory Hole which would have triggered a good scouring.

We’ll need to see how the higher flows of Summer move all of the silt around – I hope it helps or I’m sure it will impact future spawning and invertebrate life for a long time in the future.

The PC has had so many insults in the past – let’s hope she still has some resiliency!  Our time and efforts to preserve and improve the trout fishery will certainly be needed now more than ever.

For what it’s worth, I was as close to being skunked that day as I have been in 8 years… Only one beautiful fish for all of my efforts – but it was appreciated!  Others are doing better on caddis imitations and the venerable San Juan Worm I’ve heard…

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