PCT @ Inaugural Winters Salmon Fest

It was a PERFECT day for celebrating the remarkable return of the Chinook salmon in the lower Putah Creek.  Winters may be a small town but it LOVES to celebrate!

Putah Creek Trout helped organize and run the inaugural Winters Salmon Festival held at Rotary Park and Lake Solano Park.

The music was fantastic, food was great, and the atmosphere was festive.  A few visitors to the PCT table even guessed the number of indicators in the bowl (142 to be exact) walking away with their own plush trout or salmon as a testament to their aptitude.  Everyone who visited learned about the cause and the challenges the trout faced. A bunch more potential volunteers expressed interest in helping.

We didn’t get pictures from Lake Solano activities but there was fly casting and fly tying demos as well as the youth fishing derby.  Next year…. Bigger, better, and larger I’m sure.  See you there!

One Comment on “PCT @ Inaugural Winters Salmon Fest

  1. 11/22/16 saw a bunch of salmon moving up below the Winters pedestrian bridge… Go check it out yourself and then drop in for a fantastic lunch or dinner at Preserve’s, Putah Creek Cafe, or the Buckhorn!


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